Partelo For EveryoneOur goal is to help both content creators and followers. Creators boost their earnings by delivering unique and personal experiences, while followers get to interact with their favorite creators in exchange for their financial support.

What is Partelo

Why Partelo?

In a perfect world, content creators would make great content and the rest would take care of itself. Unfortunately ad revenue is unreliable and with an estimated 615 million devices using ad-blockers, most creators never see enough ad revenue to make it worth it.

This is where Partelo comes in! Partelo is a monetization platform thought to help with little effort, no maintenance and from the comfort of any device.

Creators can easily setup a Partelo page, detailing the kind of questions that can be asked and at what price. Followers get the unique opportunity of asking creators paid questions and getting back exclusive responses.

A New Way of Monetizing Your Content - Let Us Boost Your Income

No Need to Register

No Need to Register

Unlike other platforms, followers willing support creators and seeking exclusive content, will not require to register.

One-Time Payments

One-Time Payments

All payments are non-recurring and with no additional charges. Followers will always have a clear picture of how much they'll be charged.

Video Responses

Video Responses

Creators can interact with followers with selfie-videos recorded from their mobiles. It's personalized content that followers will love.

Partelo Is a New Revenue Stream for Creators

We've all got bills to pay, and Partelo allows you to generate additional income by simply interacting with your followers.

Let's get started

Get Paid & Give Back

Our goal is to help you deliver awesome personal experiences and your followers' financial support allows you to continue making great content. Creators can choose a pricing that makes sense for their community

Followers are willing to pay for personal interactions and they love to talk about them on social media. By distributing their interaction with you, they could help you gain new subscribers!

Payments are cleared once a month, after deducting 10% to pay our staff, handle processing fees and everything else we need to keep Partelo running. The rest is all yours.

You want to support your Creators. Partelo makes it easy.

We connect you with the content creators you love, and you support them so they can continue doing what you like so much.

Explore creators

Enjoy Personal & Exclusive Content

Ask a question on your creators' Partelo page and checkout, we'll then notify them and they'll answer as soon as they can. Once the response is ready, you'll receive an email with a link to view. It's that simple!

You can optionally share your interaction with friends. The creator might also ask if it's okay for them to share it too, but ultimately, that's up to you. Enjoy personal content or gain a boost to your own popularity, it's your call!

This is much more than a simple FAQ, with Partelo you'll get personalized video answers from your favorite creators.

Got any further questions?

Drop us a line, our team will get back to you as soon as possible.