Get paid on your termsContent creators: earn direct revenue. Followers receive unique rewards.

What is Partelo?

What is Partelo?

Partelo is a new way for content creators to get financial support from their followers with one-off personalized rewards.

For 95% of YouTubers, ad revenue isn't enough. Monthly patronage can work for some creators, but ties them to a schedule, requiring maintenance.

But with Partelo, and just a smartphone, creators can answer paid questions with short videos, interacting directly with their followers, who get something unique and personal: shout-outs, advice, interactive “tip jars” and more.

You make it awesome. We make it easy.

No Maintenance Required

Just set up your page, tell your followers, and watch the magic happen.

What is Partelo?


Creators get a public Partelo page which we can help design and customize.


Keep 90% of every transaction. No hidden fees. Get paid on a regular schedule via PayPal or bank transfer.

Smart. Very smart.

We make the best use of everyone's time. Creators on Partelo can work smarter, not harder.

You. Your followers. Partelo. That’s all you need.


For All Type of Creators

Whether you have 3 followers or 30 million — Partelo is for everyone.

Take control of your earnings. Don’t stay chained to someone else’s idea of how to monetize your content: go straight to your followers, unbound by schedules, advertising executives, or sorting algorithms.

Partelo is different from anything else out there. We've listened to what creators and followers had to say, and we've built a platform that’s super easy to use.

Earn what you deserve

Joining Partelo is free, and it takes less than a minute to sign up.

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